“Grey’s Anatomy” vixen Sara Ramirez lends her curves to the March cover of Latina Magazine. In the magazine’s exclusive interview, Ramirez talks of coming to accept her body and landing her gig on the ABC show amid what she refers to as “a hurricane” of drama.
Viewers wouldn’t know it from her sexy “Grey’s” scenes and this curvaceous cover shot, but the actress has dealt with issues about her body.
“There’s a whole list of things you could worry about,” she tells the magazine. “Are you skinny enough? Talented enough? In all kinds of ways, I used to be really, really hard on myself.”
A Tony award winner for her performance in “Monty Python’s Spamalot” on Broadway, Ramirez says her excitement over being cast in the ABC series was overshadowed by a “hurricane” of drama in the aftermath of a very public war of words between Katherine Heigl and the producers and Isaiah Washington’s termination after using a gay slur against cast mate T.R. Knight.
“So much of my time at ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was spent just trying to figure out what kind of family I was entering into,” she confesses. “And there was so much drama and so much time wasted on so many dramatic turns that occurred over years, seasons that were just wasted on focusing on the wrong things I feel.”
She also says, “Anytime I questioned my ability to do my job I was very much reminded by the people that knew me and loved me that I was there for a reason, that I deserved to be there, and that I shouldn’t question my being there–but when you’re in the midst of a hurricane, it’s kind of difficult to know, ‘Wow, is this where I should be?”
The good news is that the actress feels that is all behind her now. “Season 7 feels like the rebirth,” she says. “It feels like a new opportunity to really hone my craft, and work on it and appreciate it and get excited about why it is that I love to act.”
For more from her interview, pick up the March 2011 edition of Latina Magazine on stands now.
We’re glad she stuck around. It would be tough picturing “Grey’s” without Sara now, right?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog