greyson chance hold on til the night Greyson Chance releases 'Hold on 'Til the Night'   what do you think?Greyson Chance may only be 13 years old, but he sings like an old soul on his debut full-length album “Hold on ‘Til the Night,” which hits stores and iTunes on Tuesday (Aug. 2). The album includes the previously-released singles “Waiting Outside the Lines” as the first track and “Unfriend” you as the second, but our favorite songs are further down on the track list.

“Little London Girl” is a peppy, fun tune that we really enjoyed and “Summertrain” and “Slipping Away” also caught our eyes (ears?). The album as a whole is more dance music-y than we were expecting. We wish there was one of the songs that was just a stripped-down acoustic piano like Greyson’s cover of “Paparazzi,” but perhaps he’ll release a remix or two and do that.

What’s next for Greyson? Well, he turns 14 in two weeks, which still blows our minds a little bit. He went on tour earlier this and no further tour dates have been announced just yet. What do you think of the album? There is a version for sale on Greyson’s official site where you also receive signed, hand-written lyrics.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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