bitsie grimm nbc 'Grimm': Bitsie Tulloch talks about Juliette's mysterious pastPerhaps the biggest mystery on “Grimm,” a show full of mysteries, is
Nick’s girlfriend Juliette. She’s the beautiful and loving companion of
the Portland cop, but does she have a secret past like so many other
characters on the program?

It’s this question that has proven a challenge for Bitsie Tulloch as she stars in the role.

“Every so often I’ll call [EP David] Greenwalt and Jim [Kouf] and I’ll just ask ‘I wanted to play this scene this way, is that correct?'” she says. “And they have sort of just instructed me…to play it so that it is a little bit mysterious.”

Tulloch’s character has been the subject of much speculation among fans of the show and on social media. And she couldn’t be happier about that.

“Some fans on Twitter think that I’m definitely a monster and some fans think the opposite is true,” she says. “I think that’s kind of great that there’s this constant guessing game going on.”

Tulloch does say that viewers will learn more about her character starting with Friday’s (March 8) episode when she is kidnapped. She also adds that in just a few weeks, she’ll start to learn more about Nick’s (David Giuntoli) history because “it’s sort of starting to come to a boiling point.”

But as for her own character’s past, Tulloch wouldn’t mind being something that goes bump in the night…except for one problem.

“I think it might be kind of fun to be a monster,” Tulloch says. “The only problem I have with being a monster is…actors have to get into prosthetics for an hour…but otherwise it could be interesting.”

Posted by:David Eckstein