grimm david giuntoli nbc 'Grimm': David Giuntoli teases someone will die in the Season 2 finale

Fans should prepare themselves to lose a character in the upcoming Season 2 finale of “Grimm.” The series was recently renewed for a third season, and leading man David Giuntoli teases that there’s a big cliffhanger on the way when the finale ends May 21.

“We deal with the undead in a way that’s never been approached before in very typical ‘Grimm’ fashion. So ‘zombies’ will be coming to Portland. The cliffhanger this season, I don’t know how the writers are going to get themselves out of this,” Giuntoli teases of the finale during a recent conference call. “One of the cast may not live through the finale.”

With that being said, there are some good things coming up in the Season 2 finale. Giuntoli says repeatedly that there’s a chance Nick’s mother Kelly Burkhardt, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, could return. He even confirms that there will be some communication with her happening during Tuesday’s episode, “Endangered.” As for Nick and Juliette, they will continue repairing their relationship.

“Nick and Juliette start patching things up and it’s looking very hopeful for us come the end of the season. [Also], a level 10 Wesen — as I like to call it — comes to Portalnd who is pulling the strings, controlling a lot of other types of Wesen,” Giuntoli says of the storylines leading up to the end of Season 2. “We can call them the undead, and he has an army of people under his control who wreak havoc, and this is a longer story arc.”

Giuntoli continues of the upcoming plots that will be unveiled in the next four episodes, “The royals get closer and closer to me, they come to Portland … and I learn much, much more about why they want the key. The captain [Sean Renard] and I start working together. Zombies. And also, as far as Adeline goes, the Adeline storyline is insane.”

Though “Grimm” will bring Nick closer with Captain Renard, Giuntoli makes it clear that his character is “not too easy with him. “I wouldn’t call it a friendship,” he says of the two men. “I think we more or less have a common enemy.”

Giuntoli also makes it seem like Nick and Juliette won’t be fully back together by the time Season 2 ends. He says that one of the big things he’d like to see happen in Season 3 is for the former couple to fully reignite their relationship.

“I’d love to see some real closure to the Juliette storyline. … It would be nice to be just a couple again,” he says. As for how long Nick will wait for Juliette to want to be with him again, Giuntoli says, “I hope we have to talk about things in a really real way before we get back together. I think Nick’s a guy who knows what he’s done to her and will do whatever he can to get her back, so I think he’ll wait for a long time.”

The other big change Giuntoli would like to see in Season 3 is for Reggie Lee’s Sergeant Wu to learn about the supernatural world. “I want to get Sergeant Wu into the fray. That would be really fun to work with him in the way,” Giuntoli says.

Starting on April 30, “Grimm” will air on Tuesday nights for the rest of Season 2. Giuntoli is unsure if that change will continue through Season 3 — that likely hinges on “Grimm’s” performance over the next four episodes — but he jokes that the shift happened because “The Voice” needs help from “Grimm” viewers.

“I know that show’s been struggling,” Giuntoli quips, adding seriously, “We’re very excited to expose ‘Grimm’ to an entirely new audience; scare and befuddle a whole new segment of the [population].”

“Grimm” airs Tuesdays on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz