bree turner getty 'Grimm' finale: Bree Turner talks about Rosalee and her future with MonroeAs “Grimm” winds down its first season, things are just getting interesting for Bree Turner. The actress, who plays Rosalee on the series, has just earned a spot as a full-time cast member starting in Season 2.

She recently spoke with Zap2it about her character, Rosalee’s concerns about Nick and any potential romance with Monroe.

Here’s what she said:

On the evolution of Rosalee
: “[Producers] built just such a deep, rich past for me…I think that in each episode my skills are needed more and more and I think my confidence, by the finale, is really ripening in terms of my position back in this world.”

On Rosalee’s concerns about Nick (David Giuntoli): “What kind of line is he really going to stand on. Is he going to be a cop or is he going to be a Grimm? Is he going to help us out or is he going to work against us?”

On Rosalee’s relationship with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell): “I think it’s a great romance to integrate into the show. But Silas and I…we really want to stay true to each of our individual pasts…so if this means it’s going to be a really slow burn, maybe it goes that way. We both agree that it should not be a straightforward romance. It should be one with many complications and peaks and valleys.”

On the impact of Ian’s (Neil Hopkins) return: “I think seeing Ian pulls me back into that sadness of what used to be. And that definitely trickles into the finale.”

The season finale of “Grimm” airs on Friday (May 18) at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:David Eckstein