grimm monroe rosalee engagement 325 'Grimm': Monroe and Rosalee get engaged, but is there a happy ending?

Are congratulations in order for one couple on “Grimm?” Maybe not.

Although Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) got engaged during “The Wild Hunt” on Friday (Jan. 24), there might not be a happy ending in store for the Wesen couple.

You see, after Monroe’s beautifully romantic proposal — complete with scintillating dinner conversation at a fancy restaurant and a special cuckoo clock set to chime “Will you marry me?” — his parents Alice (Dee Wallace) and Bart (Chris Mulkey) show up earlier than they were supposed to, and didn’t exactly approve of their son’s new fiancee.

Well, they do at first, since it seems like Rosalee is just a normal, lovely woman. Until they go in for a hug and realize she’s actually a Fuchsbau. That’s when an argument to end all dysfunctional family arguments breaks out between Monroe, his parents, and even Rosalee, who is upset that Monroe never told his parents what she was or that they were already living together. Oops.

Rosalee tells Monroe she needs time and walks out the door, and before Monroe can go after her to save his newborn engagement, Nick arrives with the worst timing ever. Because his parents realize he’s a Grimm, making Monroe’s life even more complicated. His parents lunge and attack Nick … and the screen fades to dark. Darn you, hiatus!

The episode also featured some gnarly scalping, care of a Wildescheir who liked to target cops, and a baby that looked like it was trying to escape Adalind via her stomach. Ouch.

What did you think of the romantic proposal turned all-out family fight? 

“Grimm” returns Feb. 28 on NBC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum