grimm nbc 'Grimm' producers: 'It's always a good time for fairy tales'Hollywood is all about the supernatural and fairy tales these days. Between the “Twilight” films, “Teen Wolf” and the like, it was just a matter of time the classics made their resurgence onto the entertainment scene.

ABC entered the fray first with “Once Upon a Time” and now NBC is countering with “Grimm.” The show offers a modern re-telling of the famed Grimm Brothers fairy tales wrapped around the world of a police detective played by David Giuntoli.

The series is headed by a couple guys who know quite a bit about things that go bump in the night – David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, former bigwigs on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.”

Here’s a little bit about what they have to say about their new show:    

David Greenwalt on the structure of the show: “Grimm” has the power of the genre shows, but it’s also got the power of the procedural shows and the idea of one complete episode every week so that you don’t need a score card to watch the show…

David Greenwalt on why now for “Grimm”: It’s always a good time for fairy tales. It’s a good time to be scared on a Friday night a little bit and have a bedtime story that gets under your skin a little bit…The genre has grown. And that’s great because it’s an opportunity to tell different kinds of stories and more kinds of stories. So for that I think it’s a terrific time to be on the air with this.

Jim Kouf on where they’ll get the inspirations for stories: Well we’re taking little bits and pieces from a lot of fairy tales. So you may not actually recognize the fairy tale we’re drawing from because some are not that well known…We’ll (also) take a story from the headlines and give it a fairy tale-like twist.

David Greenwalt on how Nick (David Giuntoli) is able to explain his visions to others: We still have written that scene yet. This is the crux of the series. He is in a world where almost no one else knows about…But that is his problem because he would appear to be crazy and would be locked up. And may indeed be locked up at some point, you know, as we continue on in this series. But there’s stuff – it’s a very hard thing to convince someone of if they can’t see what you’re seeing.

The series debuts on NBC on Friday (Oct. 28) at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:David Eckstein