david giuntoli grimm season 3 'Grimm' Season 3: David Giuntoli on how Nick would respond to another Grimm

“Grimm” is finally back for its third season, and it doesn’t start off with Nick in a very good position. But star David Giuntoli calls that twist a good thing, as it grounds Nick more than he has been in the past.

“It’s always good when there’s a show that runs so long to have like a rooted thing. It’s like inner conflict and fear and anger, and like where he is in his life in this position. He’s deeply upset about what happened to him and the position he’s in, he can’t turn himself in,” Giuntoli teases to Zap2it of how Nick responds to the zombie predicament he finds himself in. “It grounds me emotionally, gives me a good place to come from and I was very happy that I was presented with this instant conflict.”

One of the ongoing questions on “Grimm” is whether or not Nick will ever meet another like himself. Though Giuntoli only teased that that’s “a very good question. Stay tuned,” he goes think that Nick coming face-to-face with another Grimm won’t end in a fight.

“Depending upon the age of the Grimm, it would be great,” he says. “It’s like those people who have strange proclivities and once the Internet happened they were like, ‘Oh, there’s more of us?’ There’s a very specific life that a Grimm has, so he wants to meet more of them.

After Nick and his girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) had a very troubled Season 2, Nick was finally forced to come clean about his secret Grimm life and let her become a member of their Wesen-fighting team. Season 3 includes a lot more storylines where Juliette uses her veterinary skills to help out, but Giuntoli teases that all might not be forgiven between the couple.

“It’s like having an affair. Nick led a very secret double life, one that was very harmful to her, so even though there’s truth and with that comes intimacy, there is still wounding there. But so far we’re working pretty well together and I think she’s happy to be part of the team,” he says, adding, “As I will say, I’m sure there’s more [conflict] to come because there’s nothing that makes better television than tearing apart a relationship.”

Since Reggie Lee’s hoped for Filipino fairy tale will be a storyline in Season 3 — something that Giuntoli jokingly calls “selfish” — Zap2it couldn’t resist asking if there was any specific tale he’d like to see retold on the small screen. His answer is a story that will likely won’t make it to “Grimm” any time soon, though.

“I would love if like a personal David Giuntoli family lore story happened,” he says with a laugh. “The diarrhea that ruined Christmas, turned into a Wesen story.”

“Grimm” airs Fridays on NBC at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz