Grimm-Synchronicity-Bree-Turner-NBC.jpgAdalind (Claire Coffee) has been off on her own storyline for all of “Grimm” Season 3, but finally she’ll be reuniting with the rest of the Scooby Squad. The new mother is being brought back to Portland in Friday’s (April 4) episode by none other than Nick’s mother, Kelly Burkhardt.

Bree Turner teased to Zap2it in a recent interview how Adalind gets brought back into the mix — and why that has her so excited.

“[The episode] basically starts a very, very cool [storyline],” Turner says. “We’ve seen Adalind in Vienna, traipsing through the woods this whole season. Now she’s got her baby, and who is this baby? The baby has purple eyes and there’s telekinesis involved. This baby is special; the chosen one, if you say.”
She continues, “Mama Grimm has been assigned to protect Adalind and the baby, bring her to Portland, which then starts this incredible arc for Claire of her in Nick and Juliette’s house. Then, ultimately, we get involved, and all the characters start interacting again with each other: The Captain, us, Hank.”
So why does that have Turner so thrilled? Because now she and Coffee get to hang out again.
“I never even see Claire on set. We always laugh that it’s like we’re on completely different shows,” she says. “Claire and I finally get to interact, and it was really fun. She does such excellent work in this arc. I think the Adalind story, the humanity she’s bringing to these next several episodes in terms of being a mother now, and then very bad stuff happens; her roller coaster she’s about to go though is just awesome. She just hits it out of the park.”
Considering Adalind just recent gave birth and Rosalee is newly engaged, Turner admits there’s a chance Rosalee could have some more thoughts about motherhood after being reunited with the Hexenbiest.
“Now that we’re about to be married, those kinds of questions will for sure come up,” Turner says.
“Grimm” at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday on NBC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz