grimm season 3 the ungrateful dead david guintoli 'Grimm' Season 3 premiere 'The Ungrateful Dead' recap: Zombie Nick walks into a bar

“Grimm” Season 3 started off right where its Season 2 cliffhanger ended, though it didn’t take long for the show to reveal Nick’s zombie fate. It turns out that Grimms don’t respond to the Cracher-Mortel’s goo the same way normal humans do, which meant Nick actually turned into a super powerful zombie-ish rage machine who ended up being set loose on the world.

That didn’t make life very easy for the rest of the Scooby Squad in the Season 3 premiere, “The Ungrateful Dead,” as they had to both save the pack of zombified humans who were attacking them at the end of Season 2 and also figure out a way to save Nick. The first part came easy enough when they called in Hank and Wu to help them contain the zombies. After that, they realized it was as simple as turning the antidote into a Molotov cocktail-type contraption to successfully return all of the infected people back to normal, which they did.

It was only then that they realized what dire straights Nick was in. With the help of Renard, who also happened to be at the site of the zombie showdown, they realize Baron Samedi was taking Nick to the airport. They arrived just in time to see the plane taking off, but had no idea the drama unfolding on the plane.

Clearly the Baron didn’t realize the fact that his goo wouldn’t affect Nick the same way it affected others. Zombie Nick broke out of his coffin and attacked the Baron and pilots on the plane, causing it to crash. Though that meant he wasn’t jetted off to Europe, it also meant he was set upon an unsuspecting town in his rage-filled state.

During the time it took Monroe, Rosalee, Renard, Hank and Juliette to track him down, Nick had already destroyed a bar and severely beaten many of its patrons. He then took off into the woods where he came upon a home. After overhearing two parents and a child having a conversation, the final moment of the episode showed him charging up to the house.

Meanwhile overseas, Adalind had a hard journey of her own. Just killing Frau Pech wasn’t enough to get her powers back, so Stefania explained the convoluted post-murder ceremony for Adalind to get back her abilities. Based on the way those flowers died around her, it seems like she’s on the right path.

What did you think of “Grimm’s” Season 3 premiere, “The Ungrateful Dead”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz