grimm season 3 spoilers 'Grimm': Showrunners offer 10 spoilers from Season 3

“Grimm” comes back with its third season tonight (Oct. 25). But though this premiere, “The Ungrateful Dead,” will begin to resolve the zombie storyline that began at the end of Season 2, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store in Season 3.

Zap2it sat down at a luncheon with star David Giuntoli and showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, who teased some exciting stories and plot developments for the upcoming season. According to them, several relationships get more complicated and quite a few new Wesen will be introduced. Check out these 10 spoilers from Season 3 below.

Sergeant Wu won’t find out Nick is a Grimm … yet. “Sergeant Wu is going to have a very tumultuous episode in which he’s going to see some things that can’t be explained, but I think we have enough people knowing for the time being,” Greenwalt teases.

James Frain’s Eric Renard is going away for the time being. You won’t see Eric pop up again in “Grimm’s” premiere, and an explanation for that will come up pretty early in Season 3. But there’s a real-life reason Frain won’t return: he’s been cast in “Sleepy Hollow.” “You never know on our show,” Greenwalt hedges about Frain’s potential return. “But we’ve got a great guy, Alexis Denisof, coming in to take that role.”

Things get more serious for Rosalee and Monroe. But with that comes complications over the fact that they have different backgrounds. “The fact that they are different types of Wesen are going to come to haunt them pretty seriously a little later on, about mid-season,” Greenwalt teases.

Monroe and Nick’s relationship will be tested. “There’s going to be some issues. How much Nick uses him, how Monroe feels about that, are they really close dear friends or is it a think of convenience. That issue will be raised a little later in the season,” Kouf says.

“Grimm” is heading underwater. One of the new types of Wesen being introduced is “Grimm’s” spin on “sexy but quite dangerous” mermaids. Fortunately for Nick, the way the Cracher-Mortel goo affects him help him breathe better underwater. Kouf says the episode is “quite fun.”

Reggie Lee is getting his dreamed-of Filipino storyline. The Filipino fairy tale Reggie Lee contributed to the “Grimm” writers room will make its appearance in Season 3. In addition, there will be story arcs based on El Cucuy, exorcism and possession, alligators in the sewers, and a “happy Santa episode” that Giuntoli describes as a “Christmas episode for the ages.”

Life won’t get easier for Renard. “The fact that he is part royal, part Wesen, part ‘normal,’ will come into play this year quite a bit as he tries to help the resistant coalesce,” Greenwalt teases. As for anymore fallout from Juliette and Renard’s short-lived strange Season 2 romance, he adds, “She gets to slap him every once in a while, and he doesn’t like that.”

Adalind will have her baby, and Nick’s mother will return. It’s just a matter of when, but don’t expect either to happen too early on in Season 3.

People from Juliette’s life will turn out to be Wesen. “What happens when Nick tells Juliette that her friend is Wesen? This is an old friend,” Greenwalt says of one upcoming storyline. “That’s just, ‘What is it like to live in this world?'”

“Grimm” will go global. “We’re pushing into the bigger worldwide problems and how they’re going to affect everybody,” Kouf says.

“Grimm” airs Fridays on NBC at 9 p.m.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz