bitsie tulloch sasha roiz grimm 'Grimm' spoiler: Remember Juliette and Renard's kiss? We 'haven't seen the last of it,' tease stars“Grimm’s” awesome streak continues tonight (Oct. 5) with another fun, sad and scary episode.

Why sad? Not only are Nick and Juliette struggling to define their relationship, but Silas and Rosalee’s own budding romance becomes strained by an unwelcome visitor.

And as Bitsie Tulloch tells Zap2it of Juliette’s Nick-nesia, “Just having these holes in her memory that are so specific to him and nobody else is kind of driving her crazy.”

And it’s about to get even crazier, teases Sasha Roiz. Renard’s kiss, which awakened sleeping beauty Juliette, “is going to complicate things in our dynamic. The effects of the potion are longstanding, so it’s going to play with my heart and mind for a little while.”

“You haven’t seen the last of it,” adds Tulloch. “Because of what happened with Renard having to go through that soul purification ritual to rescue Juliette, they are inextricably connected — whether or not they want to be or whether or not they know it.”

One particular effect of the potion is shown in a veddy interesting scene from tonight’s episode between Roiz and guest star Alice Evans (“Vampire Diaries”) that unfortunately had to be cut for time. “It’s a bedroom scene that was amazing and really intriguing,” Roiz tells us, “that goes into a lot of detail into my dynamic with her and certain insight into the effect of that potion on me. The level of intimacy raises the stakes and rapport between the two characters and their loyalties.”

NBC may post the scene online — if enough fans ask for it. Tweet your demands using the hashtag #shirtlessrage now to @NBCGrimm now!

“Grimm” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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