The debut of NBC’s new Friday duo of “Chuck” and “Grimm” is a week away, but to tide you over till then the network is giving you a long look at both shows.

How long? You might want to block out about a half-hour. Up above you can watch the first 23 minutes of the “Grimm” pilot, about a cop (David Giuntoli) who discovers he’s the last in the line of Grimms, people who can see the fairy-tale monsters hiding in plain sight among us (yep, the Grimm stories are real).

You can also get a link to the full pilot by following @NBCGrimm on Twitter.

If that’s not enough of an enticement, the “Grimm” preview is followed by the first few minutes of “Chuck’s” season premiere, featuring Morgan (Joshua Gomez) getting his first run at using the Intersect and guest star Mark Hamill putting Carmichael Industries in peril.

Both shows premiere Friday, Oct. 28, “Chuck” at 8 p.m. ET and “Grimm” at 9.

Posted by:Rick Porter