miley cyrus lil kim halloween Guy Fieri, Amber Tamblyn, Colin O'Donoghue and more Halloween party poopersWith all the wild and out there celebrity Halloween costumes that make their way to Twitter and Heidi Klum’s Halloween party each year, we at Zap2it got to wondering what some of our favorite TV stars have up their sleeves for All Hallow’s Eve.

While we got plenty of insight into fun costume plansLL Cool J as “Fantasy Island’s” Tattoo, anyone? — a bunch of celebs reveal they’re just not into the whole costume and trick-or-treating thing. 
Still some are just too busy dressing up for their day job to slip into another costume. Check out the responses below:
Amber Tamblyn: “I don’t really have plans. I don’t like to dress up for Halloween, and when I have kids I would love to. It is such a bummer to walk around and go to a party and remnants of costumes with toilet paper wadded up and throw up and glitter on top of it. I associate it with a tornado of drag queens that came through the city. I don’t mind the drag queens at all. But how many slutty witches does it take to make me move out of the country? 
“Julianne Hough and her blackface. Sometimes you have to learn the lesson the hard way, when you are of white privilege. News flash: You can be a famous black person for Halloween and not wear black face. It still works.” 
Guy Fieri: “I have only been dressing up as Guy Fieri for the last 30-something years. I was just on ‘Rachael [Ray]’ and it’s a surprise — that runs the day before Halloween. My little guy, Ryder, is 7 and when he sees , he will be over all my case.”
Megan Boone: “You know what? Nowadays, I’m working so hard that I just like to take it easy when I’m not. I could go as Elizabeth [from ‘The Blacklist’], but where’s the fun in that? I do that every day.”
Carol Burnett: “I go as myself! Actually, I can be anything, as long as Bob Mackie [costume designer from ‘The Carol Burnett Show’] is with me.”
Laurie Metcalf: “I’ll be in New York and I don’t have my kids with me, so they’ll be trick-or-treating in L.A. And I’ll be making my way through the freak show down Columbus Avenue. as I walk home from Lincoln Center [where Metcalf will be performing previews, with Jeff Goldblum, of the play ‘Domesticated’].”
Colin O’Donoghue: “I’m working on Halloween [on ‘Once Upon a Time’], so I guess I do have a costume — I have a big pirate costume. That’s my Halloween costume this year, I think. Maybe if I’m done in time, I might dress up for trick-or-treaters, maybe. I might dress up as Darth Vader.”
Archie Panjabi: “In England, we don’t do that. But I’ve been so fascinated by it, I think it’s such a lovely thing to be done; it’s a great way to celebrate. Every year I go to parties and I’ve never fully participated. I’ve even gone to parties where people dressed up as me [on ‘The Good Wife’], which is hilarious. The leather boots and the baseball jacket and what have you. I don’t know who I’m going to go as this year. It’s going to be the first time I’m doing it, I’m a Halloween costume virgin.”
Well, hey. At least somebody’s going to give it a shot.
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