jake gyllenhaal the dude spike tv guys choice awards gi Guys Choice Awards: Jake Gyllenhaal does The Dude to present to Jeff BridgesThe Spike TV Guys Choice Awards make very little sense. At this year’s ceremony, the 7th annual, there was a live giraffe on stage throughout the event and awards were presented in such categories as Hottest Al(l)ison and Best Lincoln — so Jake Gyllenhaal in his best Lebowski get-up wasn’t entirely out of place.

The hunky actor, hidden beneath a nappy wig and some shades, was on hand to present the Original Dude Award to Jeff Bridges because why not? (Anytime throughout the two hour ceremony that I begin to wonder why something odd was happening, the camera panned to that sad giraffe and I stopped asking myself questions.) Why Gyllenhaal was chosen to present this award and not a co-star of Bridges’ (either from the film in question or anywhere else in his career) wasn’t made apparent, though Gyllenhaal did poke fun at the fact that Bridges kissed his sister in Maggie in “Crazy Heart.”

Gyllenhaal tried his best with the look — he had the robe, the shorts and the White Russian — but it just made very little sense. Perhaps that was the point?

Bridges’ speech, on the other hand, was perfection. Couldn’t he just have presented to himself?

Posted by:Billy Nilles