Gary (Anthony Anderson) may just have a million-dollar idea on Wednesday’s (Feb. 13) “Guys With Kids.”

The harried father of four tells his friends about a revelation he had during a visit to the dentist in this clip from Wednesday’s episode, exclusive to Zap2it for the next several hours. It’s not just that he should floss more. He tells them how clean he was after the hygienist removed his bib, and how that led him to come up with a new product.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Overcho — or maybe the Wrapkin, as Emily (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) suggests.

You can learn more about Gary’s brainstorm — which really does sound like something parents would fantasize about creating — when “Guys With Kids” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on NBC. The episode, appropriately, is called “Gary’s Idea.”

Posted by:Rick Porter