“Guys With Kids” delves into a pretty common source of parental panic in Wednesday’s (Oct. 31) episode: What do you do when your kid locks himself in the bathroom?

Ernie and Freddie manage to do that in “The Bathroom Incident.” As dinnertime approaches, Chris (Jesse Bradford) gets increasingly anxious about how he’ll feed his little guy.

Fortunately, Gary (Anthony Anderson) has a solution, as you can see in the above clip (which is exclusive to Zap2it). First, he offers to push some string cheese through the lock. When Chris shoots down that idea, Gary comes up with another plan. A six-foot-long spoon kind of plan.

We’re guessing that by this point, the guys have already tried picking the lock and busting the door down. And it looks like the door opens inward, so they can’t take the hinges off.

“Guys With Kids” airs at 8:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter