Gwyneth Paltrow can’t seem to get away from talk about her pubic hair — at least whenever Ellen DeGeneres is involved. When Paltrow visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” five months after her infamous last visit, talk again turned to her bikini line and the fact that she apparently needs a team of helpers to handle her shaving needs.

“Normally I don’t read stuff at all, but apparently this was in a lot of newspapers,” Paltrow admits to DeGeneres. “I knew it had permeated when my brother-in-law said to me, like, ‘Uh, I hope you’re not going to bring back big bush.’ I was like, ‘Thanks Al. Thanks for your support.'”

Is that truly her plan? Paltrow couldn’t even keep the joke going for a minute before putting a rest to those potential rumors.

“Let’s not say I am and let’s not say I’m not — I’m not,” she says. “Are we going to talk about pubic hair every time I come on this show?”

At this rate, they just might.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz