gwyneth paltrow sex life tracy anderson redbook Gwyneth Paltrow's sex life improved by fitness guru Tracy AndersonGwyneth Paltrow is talking about her sex life in a joint interview for Redbook with fitness guru Tracy Anderson, who is known for sculpting the bodies of celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Madonna — the latter, with whom Anderson had a famous falling out after the queen of pop’s gym franchise was announced.

Paltrow reveals Anderson was shocked to see the mom of two naked. “[Tracy] pulled my pants off,” says Gwyneth. “I’ll never forget it. She was like, ‘Oh, my God, wow, I just am so surprised, because you look so good in clothes. I wasn’t expecting this.'”

Yikes. Nothing like some positive feedback, right?

Whatever the case, Paltrow says Anderson’s methods work so well, even her sex life is improved. “It did such wonders for my life, my confidence, my sex life, everything,” she says.

Anderson explains, “”When you feel your best, you’re more confident in bed. It’s not lights-out, under-the-covers sex. It’s more like, ‘Take a look at this!'”

Enough about the nudity and the sex though. Can we talk about what’s going on in the crotch area of Paltrow’s pants? Surely whatever is going on there is not a desired effect of Anderson’s work outs.

For more from Gwyneth and Tracy, pick up Redbook’s January issue, on stands Dec. 18.

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