haley reinhart interview Haley Reinhart's 'American Idol' finale original song cut for BonoDid you know we could have heard an original song from Haley Reinhart on the “American Idol” grand finale? Alas, Bono, The Edge and their Spider-Man musical came along and popped our Haley Reinhart bubble of happiness. (We did thoroughly enjoy her performance — one of the night’s best — with Tony Bennett, so it’s OK.)

“That was going to happen,” Haley tells THR of debuting an original song during the two-hour finale. “Then Bono came in and it was taken away.”

So does Haley have a single ready to go? “Probably not now, but it was an option when I was let go. They had said that it was going to happen, and like everything else in this business,
it’s all subject to change,” Haley explains. “I was excited about it, but then again, I
think I’d like to wait and come up with something that’s very me.
Everything happens for a reason, so it’s all good.” Haley did say she is not currently an Interscope artist.

Haley also talks about the last-minute craziness with Lauren Alaina possibly having to back out of the competition a half hour before showtime. If Lauren had been unable to sing, Haley would have performed instead. “It was pretty last minute. Literally maybe a half an hour before stuff was getting rolling. I was rushing to get ready, and they pulled me aside and said, ‘Here’s what’s going on.’ They gave me the lowdown.”

Haley practice three songs she had already performed on the show (including “Benny and the Jets”), but hoped she wouldn’t have to go on.”I thought, on one hand, it’s an honor to be able to get that opportunity and how it’s never happened before,” Haley says. “On the other, it was hers to win or lose. I already had my time to say goodbye.”

Would you have liked to see Haley perform an original song during the finale? Or were you glad Bono, The Edge and Reeve Carney took her place? Sound off in the comments. 

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