Halle-Berry-golfcourse.jpgIt hasn’t been pretty, but it looks like the bitter battle over three-year-old daughter Nahla has ended amicably for these former lovers.

]]>Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have reached a conclusion to their custody case, and the actress is opening up for the very first time regarding the situation. “When there’s a child involved, it’s a relief when you can resolve things in a good way,” she tells Extra. “Our issues were never about fighting for her. We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We need a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues, and I’m so happy we’ve arrived at that place — because for her sake, this is the best way. We both love her more than life.” She’s singing a much different tune than just a few months ago, when she acknowledged “serious concerns for her daughter’s well being” regarding Aubry’s parenting skills. Though the judge ultimately ruled in Barry’s favor, there were still casualties along the way. The actress missed out on a role in the Garry Marshall helmed “New Years Eve” (which she later rejoined in a smaller capacity), in addition to dropping what was supposed to be her Broadway debut in “The Mountaintop.”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci