Halle Berry, the stylish Oscar-winning actress, isn’t seriously shopping for her awards season wardrobe. At least not yet.

But she was spotted last week rifling through the racks of designer jackets, skirts and denim at the trendy Find Outlet in H. D. Buttercup in Culver City. What caught her roving eye on that overcast gray day?

Berry admired some Maya cashmere sweaters and bought a hot new fall item — a Tulle brown jacket — for the unbelievably low price of $23! Then she took off the price tag and wore it right out of the store, just like a real person might do. Isn’t it nice to know that even A-list stars love immediate shopping gratification?

And they also have embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. At Monday night’s 9th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards at the Beverly Hilton, presenter Berry told folks that her gown “broke” as she left home, explaining why she changed into a sexy tailored Gucci pinstripe pantsuit.

“It was an unfortunate zipper malfunction,” confirmed her personal pub Karen Samfilippo of Image Management. So now you know.

Photo: Halle Berry arrives at the Hollywood Film Festival Awards.
(John Sciully / WireImage)

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