Hi! Remember me? Halle Berry? I won an Oscar in 2001 for "Monster’s Ball" and since then I’ve made some seriously lame movies like "Catwoman" and "Gothika." I’ve also been a Bond girl, have looked amazing in designer gowns on countless red carpets and made major moolah off the "X-Men" franchise. Now, to secure my place in Hollywood history, I’m doing a sexy pin-up pose and (see next page) actually kissing my newly purchased star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just in time to promote my new movie "Perfect Stranger," with some help from my co-star Giovanni Ribisi.

We’re both really exhausted from posing pretty and doing press all over Europe and between you and me, Bruce (I’m so famous I don’t have to do press) Willis hasn’t done squat to help us market this belly flop.

]]>Halleberr_eric_13475128_600 Mmmmwwwaaaahh!  Patoooey! Hey, could someone have bothered to clean this thing before they asked me to kiss it?

Photo Credits: Halle Berry looks so good she could be on the cover of a magazine getting her star on the Walk of Fame this week. Now someone get this girl a good role in a decent movie!

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead