midnight masquerade autumn reeser hallmark Hallmark's 'Midnight Masquerade': Autumn Reeser is a modern day CinderellaAutumn Reeser is a modern day Cinderella in Hallmark’s new original movie “Midnight Masquerade.” Reeser plays Elyse, a young businesswoman turned heiress who falls in love with Rob (Christopher Russell), an under-appreciated lawyer. When Rob finds out his boss plans to steal Elyse’s fortune he must stand up for his true love and grow a backbone.

It’s hard not to think of Cinderella when you see Elyse’s costume and all the masks at the masquerade ball. Not to mention the fact that when the two first meet all Elyse knows is she is smitten with a man in a prince costume.

What did you think of this modern fairy tale?

“Midnight Masquerade” premieres Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins