True-Blood-Season-4-Promo-Posterscropped.jpg“True Blood” may be over for the season, but any show that features vampires, fairies, werewolves, shape shifters and were-panthers is going to come up in conversation. It got us thinking about Halloween-themed beverages that we might bring to our costume parties. Here are some of our favorites.


True Blood: The … ahem, life’s blood of the vampires on “True Blood.” We’re pretty sure that it’s not carbonated on the show, but if you get it in real life, it’s more like a soda. Blood orange flavor, of course. You might feel a little dumb drinking it in public, but we’re sure it makes a lovely punch, spiked with tons of adult beverages.

1blackdeath coming sooncropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookyBlack Death Vodka: This drink was banned by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in 1992, which asserted that the liquor’s name and label-featuring a sinister image of a grinning skull in black top hat-created “the misleading impression of bubonic plague and poison.” The importing company Cabo won its appeal against the ban in a federal district court that same year. Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was often seen wearing a Black Death Vodka shirt and told the website, “Black Death paid me a bunch of money to endorse them and then disappeared.”

1evilwinecropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookyEvil Wine: Evil is spelled backwards, of course. We’re happy to report that Evil tastes delicious!  Dan Phillips of the importer, The Grateful Palate, and Evil Cab
winemaker, Chris Ringland reportedly say that all wines that are
really good are “evil” because you can’t put the bottle down! So, should we just use a straw?

1newcastle werewolf alecropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookyNewcastle Werewolf “Blood Red” Ale: From it’s Facebook page … because of course beer is on social media: “Named
for the mythical wolf-like creature said to roam the English
countryside, Werewolf offers hopheads a beer that shares some
characteristics of Newcastle Brown, but remains distinctive enough to
stand up on its own.” We haven’t tried it yet, but we plan to do plenty of research. It’s scientific! Please, oh please tell me that Alcide will be drinking this on “True Blood” next season.

1Vampirewinecropped.jpgVampire Wine: Whether you’re a fan of vampires that glitter in the sun a la “Twilight” or you prefer your bloodsuckers with actual fangs, you have to grab a bottle of Vampire Wine. The website states that Vampire Vineyards is owned by a group of vamps … at least that’s the rumor. They also make Dracula, Chateau du Vampire, True Blood and Vampire Vodka. Maybe get one of each. Hey, it’s a party!

1deadguyalecropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookyDead Guy Ale: Rogue Ales created Dead Guy Ale as a private tap sticker back in the 1990’s to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st) for Casa U Betcha in Oregon. (I was lucky enough to taste it back then and it was amazing!) It was so popular that they used the label for their Maierbock Ale. It also comes in Double Dead Guy.

1Bloody-marycropped.jpgBloody Mary: Okay, we all know what this is. Our grandmothers all drank it back in the day. Might we suggest this for the day after your Halloween alcohol-sampling? A little “hair of the dog?” Not that we condone that sort of thing. Neither would your grandmother.

1mauditecropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookyMaudite: Canadian brewery Unibroue (go ahead and say that out loud) created this Belgian-style beer with the stunning label. Tastes pretty nice too. (Hey, we do our research around here.) Maudite means “damned,” and the label references the “flying canoe” myth (the chasse-galerie) which says a group of voyageurs struck a deal with the devil to fly home in their canoes, guided by Satan so they could get home in time for Christmas. One backed out mid-flight and they all took a header and smashed themselves to bits. Cheery, no?

1skinnygirl home white cranberrycropped Halloween themed beverages: Sip up something spookySkinny Girl Cocktails: Frankly, we’re just scared to death of creator Bethenny Frankel. Happy Halloween!

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