hamster rises from the dead justin bieber  Hamster rises from the dead but it's not Justin Bieber's   Womp, womp

A resurrected hamster is causing a stir on the internet after returning from the grave on Easter weekend. A couple of pet sitters in Painswick, England found their friend’s two-year-old hamster, Tink, lying lifeless in its crate. They notified the owner of the hamster’s demise, then wrapped it in a paper towel and buried it one-foot-under within a flower bed.
The following day, which just so happened to be Good Friday, the hamster reappeared in the garden. “Suddenly a little face popped out … which gave me a big startle I can assure you,” says a man named Les, the father of one of the pet sitters. 
According to a report by Fox News, Tink, who was hibernating and not actually dead, ate her away out of the paper towel and dug her way up throughout the soil in the garden. She was keeping warm in an empty cat food box, which Les was set to crush for recycling. Les has since nicknamed the hamster “Jesus.”
It’s too bad Justin Bieber‘s hamster PAC didn’t meet the same fate, being that he’s been spending so much time with God and all. PAC recently went to “little hamster heaven” after the Biebs gave him away to a fan during a female mob at an Atlanta concert. Hamster advocates said at the time Bieber’s actions amounted to animal cruelty, since hamsters can’t acclimate to sudden changes in their environment.
It seems Tink, aka “Jesus,” is a miracle hamster after all. Check out the video of Les and Jesus below.
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