hangover tattoos 'Hangover II' tattoo lawsuit: Warner Bros may digitally alter DVDsS. Victor Whitmill couldn’t block the theatrical release of “The Hangover: Part II,” but he may succeed in forcing a digital change on the film’s DVD release.

]]>According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has agreed to alter the tattoo on Ed Helms‘ face for the home video version of the film if the ongoing legal battle is not resolved soon. Whitmill previously sued the production company over unlawful reproduction of the facial tattoo he designed for Mike Tyson. “If the parties are unable to resolve their dispute, Warner Bros. does not intend to make any use of the allegedly infringing tattoo after the film ends its run in theaters because Warner Bros. will digitally alter the film to substitute a different tattoo on Ed Helms’s face,” the legal brief states. “The home video release is currently scheduled for early December 2011, which would allow Warner Bros. sufficient time to make the change if it becomes necessary,” a footnote adds. U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry has set a trial date for Feb. 21, 2012 — two months after the scheduled DVD release date. We imagine the suit will be settled out of court long before its scheduled date, but if not, many of us will be receiving an altered version of the film in our Christmas stockings.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci