hank willams mnf getty Hank Williams Jr. releases song railing against Fox; Video features typoAnd now for the official rebuttal from Hank Williams Jr.

Inspired by his ill-fated appearance on “Fox & Friends” that resulted in his ousting from his regular “Monday Night Football” spot, the country singer has put out a song called “Keep the Change.”

The song portrays Williams, who set off a firestorm of controversy by comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, as a man under attack. He sings:

I’ll keep my freedom
I’ll keep my guns
Try to keep my money
And my religion too

The highlight of the song is something that Williams wishes wasn’t there at all. In the second verse, the official video features a typo. The line reads “I’ll keep my hero’s pictures on the wall.” While there’s a remote chance he meant this obscure concept, it’s more likely he meant to says “heroes.”

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein