Miley Stewart and her alter ego, Hannah Montana (played by Miley Cyrus), from the show of the same name airing every night on Disney Channel, remind us a lot of Clark Kent and Superman: No one seems to get that they look similar and are never in the same room together. If only she came from outer space — and we’re not saying she doesn’t — the stories would basically be the same. Which would make Billy Ray Cyrus Jor-El (pretty much the only time Cyrus will be compared to Marlon Brando). So call the kids and invite the neighbors; we’re gonna party like a wig-wearing tween.

Setting the scene:
It’s time to pull out the purple and yellow decor in the form of tablecloths and streamers and Hannah Montana centerpieces. Since our girl is a licensing behemoth, you can find almost everything with her name and likeness on it, but don’t be afraid to use a little creativity and work your own magic with strategically placed pink guitars, a karaoke machine, smoke machine, bubble machine, glitter backdrops, mic stands and cardboard stand-ups of Hannah. Party favors can include Hannah Montana compacts mirrors, hair ties, tambourines, posters, CDs or DVDs (although chances are most kids already have the latter). Jewelry is also a big hit with this crowd. Invitations should look like concert tickets — but not too much or guests will try to scalp them.

You can buy each partygoer a Hannah Montana wig from Toys “R” Us inexpensively. And consider a sewing project beforehand creating glittery bell-bottom add-ons that tie or Velcro over jeans or pants (from the book Injeanuity by Ellen Warwick). Need more? Hannah has a line of clothes at Macy’s. Dads get to wear a soul patch!

On the menu:
Since she has yet to invade the Food Network, work the menu like a concession stand at one of her concerts: pizza, nachos, hot dogs, fries in a cup, etc., all served on Hannah Montana plates and cups! And Hannah Montana candy, such as the Glamour Guitar lollipops — one is sour, one is sweet!

On the hi-fi:
If you need to ask, you are so not invited.

The showstopper:
Though she isn’t currently on tour, you might still be able to catch the pop sensation’s movie, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, at a theater near you. Aside from that, how about tickets to see Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, perform at the Peppermill Concert Hall in West Wendover, Nev., on May 3? Nope? Not the same, we know.

Posted by:Michael Korb