'Happily Divorced': What did you think of Fran Drescher's new show?

fran drescher happily divor 'Happily Divorced': What did you think of Fran Drescher's new show?Inspired by her real-life experience, Fran Drescher‘s “Happily Divorced” is about a woman (named Fran!) whose husband of 18 years, Peter, discovers that he’s gay. Naturally, they get divorced, but because of their financial situation, they continue to live together in their house.

Drescher and her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, are the executive producers. After their 1999 divorce and his subsequent coming out, Drescher and Jacobson remained close and continued to work together to further equal rights for the LGBT community.

“This show is inspired by our story, because Peter is now living as an
openly gay man, but Peter and I split up before he came out,” she says. “That
wasn’t the reason why we split up, and I was the one who ended the
marriage, and he didn’t want it to end. It was only after that, and The
Nanny ended, and he moved 3,000 miles away and went into therapy that he
started to connect with his true orientation.”

The show will chronicle Fran’s dating life as her husband becomes her roommate. Also starring John Michael Higgins, “Happily Divorced” currently has a 10-episode order on TV Land.

Jacobson and Drescher, who have known each other since high school, also worked together on “The Nanny,” but now that their personal relationship has changed, their professional relationship is healthier. “Now the show is based lightly on our
relationship but I think we work better now than we did then,” Jacobson told the Windy City Times. “It has
definitely changed. When I wasn’t dealing with who I was I would get
angry and work could be frustrating. It’s a much easier ride this time.

Did you enjoy the premiere of the show? Will you be tuning in to the second episode next Wednesday at 10:30? Drop a line in the comments below and let us know!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie

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