85815424 Happy 24th Birthday, Taylor Swift! A celebration in GIF formTaylor Swift, it’s your birthday! Are you feeling 22? You probably shouldn’t be, since you’re actually 24 now. In Australia, you’ve been 24 for an entire day already.

Since you pretty much live everyone’s dream life, we didn’t actually get you a present. Instead, here is a reenactment of what we imagine your day is like — in GIF form, because it’s the internet and that’s how we do things here.

First, you wake up. You rub your eyes and you suddenly realize: Is it my birthday?

tumblr_mxnuryISfU1qcm0m3o1_500.gifIt sure is! Heck yeah. A short bedroom dance party ensues, because it is your day, girl. You gotta do you.

tumblr_mxm7pqysM21qib4rpo1_500.gifYou start getting texts from all your friends. You’re like “Who, me? Have a happy birthday? Aw shucks. Y’all are the sweetest.”

tumblr lx50zomr4j1qf9mevo1 500 Happy 24th Birthday, Taylor Swift! A celebration in GIF formYou spend your day opening presents and repeating your patented surprised face until …

It’s cake time! You blow out those candles. It is your day.
tumblr_mxplwu6SVC1rmsadzo6_250.gifFinally, it’s time to celebrate the way all of your music videos lead us to believe you celebrate everything: with a top-of-your-lungs singalong dance party with your best girlfriends.

tumblr_mxp6eqrjLh1t49nizo1_500.gifIn conclusion, it’s your day. Enjoy it! You go girl.


Posted by:Jean Bentley