barack-obama-birthday-gifs-gi-84.jpgPresident Barack Obama celebrates his 51st birthday Saturday (Aug. 4), and according to the Associated Press, he’s enjoying it by taking a break from campaigning with some golf and a pretty nice little weekend at Camp David — maybe even a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond if he has enough time.

But we thought we’d give him something else to look at once he’s finished reading that birthday card Michelle keeps bugging us to sign. Mr. President, we got you some birthday GIFs!

Check them out below.

Obama-1-buzzfeed.gif[Source: Buzzfeed]

[Source: justgraphicinterchangeformat]

Obama-3-smiles.gif[Source: twistedsifter]

Obama-4-dancing.gif[Source: mashable]

[Source: twistedsifter]
Posted by:Jennifer Harper