chloe bennet birthday skye agents of shield Happy birthday, Chloe Bennet: 7 Skye mysteries 'Agents of SHIELD' hasn't answered

Big birthday wishes go out to Chloe Bennet! The “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” star turns 22 Friday (April 18), and she’s got plenty to celebrate. Bennet plays Skye, perhaps the most intriguing character on ABC’s series, and after 18 episodes there is still plenty fans don’t know about the hactivist-turned-SHIELD agent-turned-agent of “nothing.”
In honor of Bennet’s birthday, here are seven unanswered questions about Skye. And happy birthday, Chloe!

What is her real name? Phil Coulson. Grant Ward. Melinda May. Leo Fitz. Jemma Simmons. And … Skye? That sounds a lot more like a hacker name than a real first name, but maybe she just never took on a last name because she kept being sent to different foster homes. UPDATE: In “The Only Light in the Darkness,” Skye reveals the name the adoption agency gave her was “Mary Sue Poots.” Amazing.

Who are her parents? Every clue about who Skye’s parents are has ended on a cold trail. With only four episodes left this season, chances are any additional answers given about this storyline will result in more questions.

Why is she an 0-8-4? The implication seems to be that Skye is of alien origin, but she also could be a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time. Right? Maybe? But seriously, why is she an object of unknown origin?
Does she have powers? Skye hasn’t exhibited any powers yet, but with all this mystery she’s got to have some “super” to add to her “hero” status.

What will the GH325 do to Skye’s body? Beyond saving Skye, the GH325 will also have unforeseen consequences. What they are is yet to be revealed.
Is there a connection between Garrett and Skye? A senior officer bled out through a gunshot wound in his neck while protecting baby Skye. Senior officer John Garrett has a pretty gnarly scar on his neck and a metal side. Coincidence? Is there such a thing?
What ever happened to Skye’s van? Did she put it in storage after “0-8-4”? Sell it? Please let’s hope it makes a reappearance before season’s end, for sentimentality’s sake.
“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz