jackson rathbone birthday getty Happy Birthday, Jackson Rathbone: A look back at his pre 'Twilight' TV rolesWe all know Jackson Rathbone as the quiet, oddball vampire Jasper Hale in the “Twilight” Saga films. But before the actor starred in one of the biggest movie sensations ever, he started out on the small screen. In honor of his 29th birthday, take a look back at three of his biggest TV roles before landing his “Twilight” part.

“The O.C.”

Rathbone showed up in the FOX soap’s third season as a teenager tangled up in the web of Kaitlin Cooper — not the pony-riding Shailene Woodley version, the sexed-up Willa Holland version.

“Beautiful People”
Here, Rathbone played another teenager, this time a privileged, “Gossip Girl”-style rich kid who falls in love with the new girl — a scholarship kid — at his fancy prep school.

“The War at Home”

This FOX sitcom lasted for two seasons, and Rathbone guest-starred in two Season 2 episodes as a gay teen. He co-starred alongside Rami Malek, who would later appear in “Breaking Dawn” as a Cullen family vampire ally.

Posted by:Jean Bentley