justin bieber oscars gi Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! And cheers to your charitable impulseJustin Bieber‘s 17th birthday is Tuesday (March 1). So what do you get the kid who pretty much has everything?

Nothing, according to him. He tweeted on Monday that he wanted his fans to give to charity in honor of his birthday instead.

Bieber directed people to Charity: Water, an organization that funds clean-water projects in developing countries. His writes, “1 in 8 people in the world lack access to clean water. so this year i want to give my birthday away to help @charitywater #makeachange …” As of this post, fans had donated close to $29,000 to the organization.

Look, we sometimes (OK, more than sometimes) poke fun at/are bemused by the cult of Bieber and the rabid intensity of his fans. Not this time, though — happy birthday, Justin, and well-done on using the occasion and your celebrity to do something good.

Posted by:Rick Porter