tom baker birthday doctor who Happy birthday, Tom Baker: A video salute to 'Doctor Who's' 4th Time Lord

When it comes to the classic “Doctor Who” series, one Doctor normally stands out among all others. Tom Baker was the fourth actor to play the Doctor, filling the role between 1974 and 1981, and stuck in the hearts of longtime Whovians with his unique scarf and wide-brimmed hat.
Just a few months after his most recent “Doctor Who” appearance, a surprise cameo in the 50th anniversary special, Baker is celebrating a milestone birthday on Monday (Jan. 20). He’s turning 80 years old and Zap2it is marking the occasion with some of his most memorable moments from the series.
Take a look at the videos below for a stroll down memory lane with the fourth Doctor.
His first appearance on the series, after the third Doctor regenerated

It didn’t take long for the humor of the character to shine through.

He wasn’t the only one with the jokes, though. There was always Sarah Jane.

He tried to explain why the TARDIS was so big on the inside, but his companion didn’t follow.

He also lost a chess game to K9. Never get too cocky with your robot dog.

Eventually he reached the end of his journey.

It wasn’t forever, though. Baker most recently returned alongside Matt Smith in “The Day of the Doctor.”

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