andrea barber birthday cbs Happy birthday, Andrea Barber: Watch 'Full House's' best Kimmy Gibbler moments

Growing up, everyone had that friend that weird friend that did or said things that never made sense. For “Full House’s” DJ Tanner, that friend was next door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler. Though a lot has been said over the years about the Tanner family, it’s Kimmy who deserves a bit of the spotlight.
Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy, is celebrating a birthday Wednesday (July 3), making it as good a time as ever to properly showcase the greatness of Miss Gibbler. Below, take a stroll down memory lane with some of Zap2it’s favorite Kimmy moments.<

Before she wandered into the truly bizarre, Kimmy was the sarcastic best friend. In fact, there was even a time when she got along with Uncle Jesse.

Of course, things never stayed peaceful between Kimmy and Jesse for too long. They somehow always ended up at war with one another.

There were even times when she and DJ weren’t on the best of terms.

The two best friends made it through high school together, right through prom.

As for love, Kimmy found that too. Her boyfriend Duane was really her perfect match.

Still, no matter what you love most about Kimmy the fact remains that it’s her feet that were the most memorable, and the longest-running joke on the show.

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