happy endings 1030 'Happy Endings': 6 things to know about Season 3Oh, happy, happy day: “Happy Endings,” ABC’s smart, hilarious comedy, finally returns tonight (Oct. 23).

Zap2it recently visited the “Happy” set and picked up some major scoop about what our favorite sextet are up to this season. (Besides general awesomeness , of course.)

1. Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) are seriously back together. Oh sure, they’re telling everyone they’re keeping it “cazsh,” but the couple actually plan to cohabitate. Expect much hilarity to ensue when they go house-hunting with a crazy realtor (Rachael Harris). “I think you’re learning how dumb these two people can be with each other,” Knighton tells us. “Two dumb things come together in a Voltron of stupidity.”

2. Penny lands a boyfriend. This might finally be Penny’s (Casey Wilson) year! Once she’s out of the full-body cast (which you’ll see in tonight’s episode) for which she can only partially blame boyfriend Chris (Brian Austin Green), she meets Pete (Nick Zano) — who actually sticks around for a while.

“They meet in a bike store,” Wilson tells us about Penny’s “very cute” BF. “She has to wear a helmet for a long time, and he’s shopping for bike locks. I don’t want Pete to know I’ve hurt my head so I arrange a lot of dates for us that involve helmets. We do a moped safety course, Segway stuff [and visit a] construction site.” Of course they do.

3. Max gets a replacement Penny. “Max isn’t happy about” Penny’s new boyfriend, Adam Pally reveals. “Max is a little jell. Although he’s gay he has a really strong love for Penny and he’s jealous of her attention.” As we reported earlier, Max finds a substitute in Nicole (Kulap Vilaysack): “Max pronounces it ‘Nickel’ because it’s five times as much as Penny,” Pally says. “She turns out to be crazy. Five times as crazy!”

4. The group stop being polite, and start getting real. Or at least they did back in the day — in “Real World: Sacramento”! Yes, we finally get the backstory on the gang via an unaired reality show that brought them all together — including Jane and Brad. The highlights: Brad’s (Damon Wayans Jr.) dreads, Dave’s long hair, Penny’s Rachel haircut, Alex’s Drew Barrymore-style, hippy look, Max’s “late ’90s Patagonia freshman in college look with a faux hawk and a wristband” and mistaken belief that he’s the first openly gay reality star. Unfortunately, Max mumbles, so people mistake his revelation, “I’m gay,” for “I’m Greg.”

5. Jane has a new job. “I deal cars with Rob Corddry,” Eliza Coupe says, and he appears in at least two episodes. “There’s been a lot of weird things that happen at that dealership,” she adds.

6. Thanksgiving is even bigger than Halloween this year. Although it seems impossible to top the gang dressing up as the Jackson 5, the zaniest holiday this year is Turkey Day — complicated by the visit of Alex and Jane’s parents, who don’t know Dave and Alex are back together. The highlight: “Dave is 1/16 Navajo, so Dave is really intent on showing everybody what a true Thanksgiving is like,” Knighton teases. “It’s pretty great: Dave gets to experience the entire plight of the Native Americans experience in one episode of ‘Happy Endings.'”

“Happy Endings” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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