As much as everybody is in love with Max (Adam Pally) on “Happy Endings,” a real-life version of the character might not be as charming.

“It’s hard to get any action when you don’t have any money or a job and you’re kind of a d***,” Pally recently told Zap2it of his alter ego’s understandably less-active love life in Season 2. “I don’t think the well has totally dried up, but it’s not coming as fast as it was last year.”

During the Oct. 5 episode of the show, Max finally flirts with employment — and though we won’t spoil the gig he ultimately takes, Pally doesn’t think there are many options.

“I can say that Max looks for ways to make money,” he says. “It’s a very narrow pocket of what Max actually has skills for.”

Max’s rare display of motivation might have something to do with the his friends’ growing resentment for paying for his beer, food and rent, so when we sat down with him on the set of the show, we asked him if he was responsible for a Max in his life.

“I have a cousin like Max who is currently staying with me in my house, and I do pick up the tab for him all the time,” says Pally. “So yeah, unfortunately.”

Like co-star Eliza Coupe, Pally also has us particularly curious about the upcoming Halloween episode. “The costume that Penny [Casey Wilson] and I inhabit is one of the highlights of my whole ‘Happy Endings’ experience,” he says. “[That’s] a clue. Follow that trail.”

For more on Season 2 — including guest stars and flashbacks, Pally’s thoughts on “ah-mah-zing” and his special message for the cousin on his couch — watch the full video interview above.

And, obviously, watch “Happy Endings,” Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell