This being The Year of Penny, you might expect to hear a lot of a certain pseudo-catchphrase on ABC’s “Happy Endings.” But you’d be wrong.

After dropping one last “ah-mah-zing” during the Season 2 premiere, Casey Wilson tells Zap2it the word is no more.

“I haven’t done it since. It’s dead,” she says. “We’re putting it to bed. We did a funeral and nobody showed up.”

So while we wait for another term to eventually find its way into the “Happy Endings” lexicon and nest in our hearts before annoying the cast, there is a pretty epic Penny moment on the horizon.

Megan Mullally makes her guest appearance during the Oct. 12 episode, “Yesandwitch,” as Penny’s optimistic mother, Dana Hartz, who’s in town to perform at a boat show — and maybe sing a duet with her daughter.

“It is literally the best episode we’ve ever done,” says Wilson. “We got to sing and dance and do a big number where we wear bedazzled sparkle jumpsuits. It was a dream of dreams.”

The tune in question? Natalie Imbruglia‘s “Torn.”

“I’m sorry, one of the greatest songs… I don’t even want to say childhood… from my life, currently,” Wilson says. “It’s an amazing song. So we do a fresh interpretation of that classic.”

A question a lot of fans have for the “Happy Endings” crew is when we might next see Penny’s hilarious gay (ex)husband Derrick (Stephen Guarino). Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer at the time.

“I hope Derrick comes back,” says Wilson. “I don’t know if there’s plans, but every day I hope for it.”

For more of Casey’s take on a possible Penny-Dave love connection and some details on the pilot she just sold with writing partner June Raphael, watch our full video interview above.

Also: Watch “Happy Endings,” Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET, on ABC — and marvel at this photo from the next episode…
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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell