happy endings season 2 'Happy Endings' creator David Caspe on Season 2 renewal: 'Very aware that it does not usually go this way'

A modest ratings performer that premiered quite late in the season, “Happy Endings” seemed like a long shot for a Season 2 renewal.

But the freshman comedy was one of the few “bubble” series on ABC to get good news when the network started handing out orders and cancellations on May 13.

Zap2it spoke with creator David Caspe just after he received confirmation of the renewal (he hadn’t even called his mother), and he told us about the good fortune that’s followed the show since its inception.

“We just didn’t know,” he says of the wait for a renewal. “It’s so not in our control. It’s a business decision and a creative decision up to… not me. If it was up to me and my mom, we’d get the pick-up no problem.”

At the time we spoke with him, Caspe had not been told what the pick-up entails. “We don’t know when or how many or anything,” he says, “but at this point I’m just so happy to get the opportunity to keep going.”

That opportunity probably has a lot to do with the swell of fans and critics who seemed to come on board after the premiere.

“I think there were five very similarly-premised shows that came out before us,” says Caspe of obvious comparisons like “Perfect Couples,” “Traffic Light” and “Mad Love.” “I think people were sick of that. If I was a casual viewer, I’d think, oh god another one of these. We started in a situation where people maybe didn’t want to like us. I hope this is just a result of people giving it a chance and and liking it.”

“The early reviews were from people who either loved it or absolutely wanted me to die,” he says. “It’s been cool that some of those people that wanted me to die have come back towards liking it — or at least not wanting me to die.”

Looking ahead to the future, Caspe will continue to serve as showrunner on “Happy Endings,” where he hopes they might be able to experiment in more serial storylines and recurring romantic interests for the single characters. The renewal also means that he’ll be able to focus on the series, curbing his development deal with Sony Pictures Television for at least a little while.

“This was kind of my first experiences in TV, and I got stupid lucky,” he says. “I’m very aware that it does not usually go this way… As a Jewish guy, I’m always expecting everything to go into the sh***er.”

“Happy Endings” continues its season, Wednesdays at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell