damon-wayans-jr-happy-endings-brad.jpgDamon Wayans Jr. may have grown up with an all-star cast for a family, but as the “Happy Endings” star describes to Zap2It, he didn’t get off the hook easy when it came to misbehavior.
His father, the famed comedian and “My Wife and Kids” talent, has professed in the past to being a firm disciplinarian when it comes to raising his real-life brood, and, as his son confirmed, the talk is no lie. 
“When I was younger he was. If he spanked me now, that’d be just weird,” he jokes, while out supporting his TV series at the ABC international upfront on Sunday (May 20).
Depending on the crime, adds the second-generation comic, the punishment could sometimes get pretty brutal.
“I crazy-glued my sister to the toilet seat when I was younger,” Wayans recalls when considering his worst foul play. “I sat home alone, got really obsessed. Crazy glued my sister to the toilet. And we had to go to the hospital.”
Asked what he faced when met with his father’s retribution, Wayans reiterates, “We had to go to the hospital.”
On “Happy Endings,” the 29-year-old actor plays a married and once-thriving investment banker, now unemployed as a result of a company-wide layoff in the second season. The series was recently renewed for a third run, and will return again in the fall, bringing a lot more “insanity” to the table according to Wayans and his cast-members. From his perspective, the aim now is to either “really impress people or alienate them.”
He explains, “I think we’re just going to keep turning it up until people turn it off.”
The rising star also recalled his father’s best advice for taking on the role. 
“Comedy is not brain surgery,” says Wayans. “Either it’s funny or it’s not. That’s what my dad told me. He said to do it. Just go for it.”
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