happy endings abc 'Happy Endings': Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton tease the finaleZap2it hit the red carpet for the 33rd College Television Awards where we caught up with “Happy Endings” stars Eliza Coupe and Zachary Knighton. The show’s finale airs on April 4, and they gave us a few teasers about what we have to look forward to.

Knighton says everyone should tune in. “I would say you should watch the finale if you want to see a big gay wedding. That’s always exciting for comedy.” Coupe tells us where we first see Jane in the episode. “I”m cleaning the underside of a couch on a very fun automotive-type apparatus.” She ends up in a mustard-yellow suit. She would say why, except that “Jane likes to help.”

In the episode, Penny (Casey Wilson) is forced to sit at the Skype table, which is full of faces of people who couldn’t make it on laptops. She’s even forced to dance with one. We asked Coupe what she thought of the idea. She loves it. “Yeah, I’d love to phone in a few weddings!”

There are a few unexpected relationship twists and turns, and Knighton gave us his opinion about what should happen for Dave in the romance department. “You know, I think it’s really funny for Dave to be dating a lot of different women because, one, it’s fun to go to work and meet a new girl every day. But also we can keep the tension going. Also there is a lot of comedy in getting back together and it maybe not working. Who knows?

There is also a musical number involving a Madonna song. Coupe tells us “I can’t sing. I dance though. I’m a great dancer. My dance skills are really solid. It’s just for a moment, but yeah. I dance.”

Finally, we asked Knighton about his favorite invention on the show. “The Steak-tanic,” he says. “My signature sandwich. It’s like three pounds of bacon and all this other stuff. I think in my dreamworld if I could have this for breakfast, I think I’d be good.”

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