happy endings abc 'Happy Endings' finale: Are Dave and Alex back together?‘Happy Endings’ started its run with alter bound couple Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) breaking up and having their friends choose sides. Well, after the finale, they may be back together. A-mah-zing!

There were far more relationship issues than in the usual “Happy Endings” episode. Of course, it took place at a wedding, which can mess up even the most together people. Penny’s buddies Eric and Derick were getting married, and as usual, it’s a mess. Penny (Casey Wilson) was stuck at the Skype table after her boyfriend (of the week) broke up with her for saying his sister had “sloppy yabbos.” Max (Adam Pally) was a mess because he thought he’d gained too much weight to perform with his old Madonna cover band “Mandonna.” Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) got fired and didn’t know how to tell Jane (Eliza Coupe).

The episode actually had us dying to see who will end up together next year. Dave and Penny actually have a moment over champagne, both saying they love each other. Penny has a thing for him, but he doesn’t seem to get it. The show has flirted with the idea of hooking the two of them up before. But then, Alex and Dave have hooked up in recent weeks. At the end of the episode, they were holding hands. Is this going to cause issues with Penny?

Maybe not. She met Chris (Brian Austin Green) at the Skype table and he liked her enough to come down in a wheelchair, with a broken leg. Will she mess it up? The whole episode brought up questions about the future. Brad has no idea what’s going to happen, now that he’s been fired. He and Jane mentioned the possibility of a baby. Oh, can you imagine pregnant Jane? (“Quiet Jane is the scariest Jane.”) Max is back singing with the group in one of the best musical numbers on TV. Will he continue?

Okay, enough seriousness. Best moments of the night. Alex messing up Wilmer Valdarrama’s name. Jane pretending a napkin was a piece of brie. (To be fair, the white part does look like a napkin.) Penny giving an old man on Skype a look at her “ant hills.” Does this show make you blow milk out of your nose too?

So, who do you think Dave should hook up with next season? Take our poll below.

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