Happy Ride.jpgIf you can’t get enough of the “Happy Endings” gang, we’ve got a treat for you. The show is serving up the fifth episode of the “Happy Rides” webisodes to keep the party going. We’ve got a sneak preview.

In the webisodes, Penny tells the group that her mom is getting rid of her first car and she has to clean out the storage locker it’s being stored in. This old truck (which Penny got from her third step-dad) is full of memories from the group’s youth, including Max and Penny’s first date before he announced he was gay. You can check out the first four here.

The webisodes are sponsored by Subaru’s “First Car Story” campaign, http://www.firstcarstory.com, where you can talk about stories from your own first car. Let us know what you think! The full episode will be live on ABC.com on Thursday, March 29 at midnight PST.

Posted by:jbusch