happy endings interview return cast season 3 abc 'Happy Endings' interviews: Adam Pally, Elisha Cuthbert and the rest preview the show's return

“Happy Endings” finally returns to television tonight with two new episodes — “In the Heat of the Noche” and “The Straight Dope.” What can we expect from the show after so long away?

On a recent visit to the set of “Happy Endings,” we spoke to the cast to get the scoop on upcoming episodes and the move to Fridays.

Not surprisingly, most of the cast are a little wary about what a Friday move could do to the show and its already perilous ratings.

Adam Pally (Max) was very concerned about the future of the show. “I’m nervous about the move to Friday, because I don’t think our numbers will be that good,” he said. “Friday at 8 is a hard place to score numbers for a show as edgy and, you know, funny as ours.” Pally did appreciate that “Happy Endings” fans tend to be loyal, but even that was a possible issue with the move. “We have a really hardcore, strong fan base. And it’s hard to keep that fan base when no one knows when you’re going to be on.”

Eliza Coupe (Jane), meanwhile, made a joke about the move. “I was so happy! Because I remember I used to watch “Full House” on Fridays. TGIF Fridays,” she joked. “Such a memory, when I would stay home on a Friday night… Real talk, I still stay home on a Friday night. So there’s that.”

The actress did have real optimism about the move though. “We’ve been told the network and studio love our show. And fans love our show. And we love our show,” Coupe explained. “So Friday night or Saturday mornings… No, please don’t do that!”

Both Casey Wilson (Penny) and Elisha Cuthbert (Alex) looked at the move in a positive way. “I think honestly, if ABC wanted to cancel us, they would have,” Wilson said. “They’re sticking by us and it’s just about, hopefully, that they can find a great show to pair us with next year.” Cuthbert agreed: “I think the network has to do what they’ve got to do to make their lineup work… I stay hopeful and positive!”

Does the cast think that people will actually watch “Happy Endings” on Friday nights? Not so much… Not unless people are watching as a pre-party for their Friday debauchery.

When Pally considered the issue, he pretty much assumed that live viewing wouldn’t be a highlight after the move. “I am smart enough to know that no one is going to watch on Friday nights,” he said. “So I would say to anybody that likes ‘Happy Endings,’ DVR it. And let’s cut the s**t and know that you don’t have to watch it Friday at 8. Because you won’t be home if you like ‘Happy Endings.'”

Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad) was more optimistic about the fans fitting in time to watch the show on Fridays. “It’s the same show you saw on Tuesday, but on Friday,” he said. ” So right before you go get drunk and do terrible things to your body, watch our show.”

What will we get in the first couple of episodes? The two big events we have been promised are Max dating a girl (guest star Abby Elliott) for the sole purpose of getting good Chicago Bulls tickets, and Brad continuing his work at the Chuckles and Huggs daycare. While it’s safe to assume that Max’s relationship-of-convenience will not work out, what about Brad’s job?

“I think he will be back in a corporate setting, but I think he really wants to play with little kids,” Wayans said, immediately recognizing the very adult-content double entendre of his statement. “He’s kind of a little kid at heart.”

“Happy Endings” returns with double episodes starting at 8pm on Friday, March 29 on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown