megan mullally casey wilson happy endings 'Happy Endings': Megan Mullally and Casey Wilson channel 'Gilmore Girls' in Season 2There are two kinds of cool moms: the velour-tracksuit-wearing, living-vicariously-through-their-children kind (see Amy Poehler in “Mean Girls”) and the slow-to-mature but still totally endearing kind (� la Lauren Graham in “Gilmore Girls”).

Needless to say, most would rather be raised by the latter. So we’re happy to say that Megan Mullally, who Zap2it first reported would appear in “Happy Endings,” will be channeling Lorelai Gilmore when she appears as Penny’s (Casey Wilson) mom in episode 3 of the upcoming second season.

“Penny has the most positive mom of all time,” creator and showrunner David Caspe tells Zap2it. “They’re more like best friends than mother/daughter… so they’re basically the ‘Gilmore Girls.'”

Mullally is a fan of “Happy Endings.” And after running into Wilson at a party and expressing an interest in appearing on the show, producers put out the offer for her to play Penny’s mother.

“She’s a very young mom,” executive producer Jonathan Groff says of the 52-year-old actress, who isn’t often cast as a parent to another adult, “but it sort of plays into the character that she had Penny at a very young age.”

Wilson acknowledges that the close relationship may not be the healthiest. “There’s some surprise twists with her,” she told Zap2it at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I know she’ll be the single mom who’s daughter is her best friend — which is the opposite of what Penny needs. It’s probably the source of why Penny is just a little bit off.”

The episode shoots in a few weeks, with filming on Season 2 officially starting today (Aug. 8). And though we don’t know much about the new run, Caspe did share how it all starts: “It’s the one year anniversary of [Alex] running out on the wedding.”

Still, you won’t have to wait Sept. 29 season opener for new “Happy Endings.” The unaired episode of Season 1, “Why Can’t You Read Me?,” finally premieres Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell