Happy-Endings-boxer-thong.jpg“Happy Endings” is all new on Wednesday (Feb. 29) and we know you can’t wait to see the craziness the gang has going this week. We’re totes here to help. (We know. We’ve been listening to Penny (Casey Wilson) too long. Cray!) We’ve got a clip from the show to tide you over.

This week, Max (Adam Pally) is all smitten with his new boyfriend, but hates admitting it. The gang discusses Dave’s (Zachary Knighton) crazy ideas, like the boxer thong, which he describes as “business in the front, party in your rear.” Oh come on. You know someone would buy that!

Dave’s big idea this week? He’s finally gotten his mobile liquor license and he’s turning the truck into a speakeasy, complete with old fashioned cocktails, including one named “Whore’s Bath.” Wait until you see what Penny makes of that one! Check out the clip below and once again let Penny make you feel better about your single life.

Posted by:jbusch