happy-endings-eliza-coupe-casey-wilson-season-3-renewedAfter the May 10 ABC pickup announcements neglected to mention “Happy Endings,” many were worried about this quirky comedy falling by the wayside. Fear not, fans! ABC has just announced that “Happy Endings” will be back for a third season.

According to Deadline, this is a full 22 episode season. Ah-mahzing, as Penny (Casey Wilson) would say. 22 more chances to see the goofiest gang out there. We’ll also get a chance to see if Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) will end up back together, as was hinted at during the Season 2 finale.

We’ll also find out if Penny can make it stick with her new beau, played by Brian Austin Green. We’re so excited to find out about this renewal. What are your thoughts? What do you want to see happen in Season 3? Let us know below.

Posted by:jbusch