happy endings season 3 finale renewed season 4 abc 'Happy Endings' Season 3 finale: Should the show be renewed?“Happy Endings” has come to the end of its funny and oft-interrupted Season 3. The question now looms for this bubble show — Should “Happy Endings” be renewed, or is it time for the ensemble comedy to come to its own end.

Although the show retained decent ratings when paired with “Modern Family” on Wednesday nights, viewers have had trouble following the show to new nights. Season 3 was originally on Tuesdays (paired with the sadly canceled “Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23”), before ABC pulled it from the schedule at midseason. New episodes of “Happy Endings” returned in March, but this time the program was exiled to Fridays with back-to-back airings.

So “Happy Endings” has had a rough run. Should it keep trying, or is it time to give up?

On the “pro” side of the argument, there are numerous factors. For one thing, this is easily one of the funniest sitcoms on television. The low ratings are as likely due to the constant schedule shifts as to viewer interest. In addition to this, cable network USA has reportedly expressed interest. A shift to cable — following the successful example of “Cougar Town,” now airing on TNT — might be just what “Happy Endings” needs.

For the “cons,” we go back to the low ratings. It might be better to just let the show go if it’s never going to perform up to expectations. “Happy Endings” also boasts an extremely talented cast that might benefit from the opportunity to find new, more popular programming.
What do you think? Should “Happy Endings” come back, or has its time passed?

Posted by:Laurel Brown